Real Talk: Plastic Surgery in Korea

This post is on this website because it is a well-known fact that ulzzangs often undergo a great number of surgeries to look as camera-ready as they are. Sorry to break the perfect illusion, but it’s unfortunately true. Where I live, America, the idea of undergoing plastic surgery is looked down upon, but in South Korea, it’s not. And here’s why:

To South Koreans, it’s a natural part of life. A Korean hearing “I’m getting double eyelid surgery tomorrow” is very much like and American hearing “I’m getting my eyebrows threaded tomorrow.” It’s not done by everyone, but it’s not strange. In Korea, plastic surgery is not called ‘plastic’ and instead translates to something along the lines of ‘reforming surgery,’ which brings a much better connotation. It’s more of a caterpillar -> butterfly feeling. In English, though, ‘plastic’ gives off a synthetic/evil/fake feeling.

Plastic surgery is much more common in Korea than it is in Western countries. Clinics and ads are everywhere, and parents will often reward their son/daughter with surgery. “You aced that important exam? Here’s some double eyelid surgery!” “If you win that competition, you can get your jaw shaved!” It’s sounds crazy, but this stuff happens.

Of course, plastic surgery is often more than just a means to become more attractive- people with medical conditions may need certain surgeries that will change their appearances, for example. However, plastic surgery purely meant for beauty enhancement is something that is readily accepted in Korea.

That’s your little tidbit today, readers! Comment below on how you feel about plastic surgery! And always, thanks for reading.



Real Talk: Why we idolize the pretty face & why we need to love ourselves

I don’t know about other people, but I certainly spend a good portion of my life on the internet, looking at pretty people. This doesn’t just apply to ulzzangs, but also to all the people in the Korean entertainment industry. Actors and idols alike, we worship them to no end for their talent and beauty.

We often wind up making ourselves feeling inadequate & unattractive when we see the near-perfection beings that are our idols and ulzzangs. After all, who wouldn’t want to look like that? The perfect hair, skin, facial features, legs, waists, et cetera.

Now, I want to tell each and every single one of you reading this that you are wonderful. You shine like no other and you are beautiful. No matter if you fit generic beauty standards or not.

We are SO often brainwashed by the media, being told “oh this is attractive and this is not.” But if we listen to these rules that they throw at us, we will never be happy with who we are because those expectations are impossible to reach.

“But what about ulzzangs, idols, and actors? How can they be so perfect?” Guys, all ulzzangs use photoshop and other editing tools on their pictures, and they’re so pro at it, the photos look real. Have you watched Ulzzang Shidae? It’s so illuminating. And the idols and actors? SO much makeup and professional styling. I bet if I had those hair and makeup artists working for me, I’d look as flawless too!

And not to mention that ulzzangs, idols, and actors nearly always have plastic surgery. Think about it- if plastic surgery is so normal to the normal Korean citizen, it is probably crazy-rampant in the entertainment agency.

So this post is a plea, guys. I want all of you to realize that most of what we see online is highly altered, and that we can’t judge ourselves on the same level that we judge these absurdly attractive beings. They’re part-human, part-pixels, so don’t beat yourself up for not having what they do. I want you all to step away from the screen, breathe, realize that you’re beautiful too.

Thanks for reading!


Ulzzang Beauty ‘Requirements’

Ulzzangs in korea generally have a very specific ‘mold’ they have to conform to in order to be the perfect ulzzang. If you want to be like one, you should strive to have these physical traits- but if you don’t have them, don’t beat yourself down; you can be the unique ulzzang!

Here’s a general list of physical traits ulzzangs are expected to have:

1) V-shaped face

In Korea, there is an ideal face-shape, which is something that western cultures really don’t have. In western cultures, we look at celebrities like “oh she looks good with a heart shaped face” and “he has a square jaw” and it seems so normal to have different jawlines. However, in Korea, everyone strives to have a v-shaped face. Here are some pictures:




2) Milky skin

Another staple of ulzzangs is their clear, white skin. Koreans (and all asians in general) find pale skin very appealing and so since ulzzangs are kind of their definition of beauty, they must have paler skin.


Look at Park Hyo Jin's white skin~ you want that too, right?

Look at Park Hyo Jin’s white skin~ you want that too, right?


3) Slim bodies

This is a big deal in Asia. Asians aren’t afraid to tell you “you look like you’ve gained weight” or anything like that because weight is something that is scrutinized very much in Korea and other Asian countries. Ulzzangs are the epitome of skinny, and they are idolized by many for their small, slim bodies.

pretty braids and legs

The slim legs of famous ulzzang Song Ah Ri

The slim legs of famous ulzzang Song Ah Ri

4) Doll Face

The entire ulzzang aesthetic is basically them looking like grown up dolls. As a result, their faces need to be cute like a toddler’s. This includes: big eyes with double eyelids, small noses with high bridges, and small mouths. Here are some examples:


5) Straight eyebrows

Eyebrows are not something people often look at when they see a person, but they really make a big difference. Koreans love the straight-style eyebrow because it makes them look more innocent and cute. Take a look at the below pictures and focus on the eyebrows- can you tell that they play a BIG role in making ulzzangs look cute? Even in the above pictures meant to show other physical traits, you can tell that the eyebrows make ulzzangs look younger and more innocent.

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Ulzzang Fashion Post #2

Hello! As spring and summer are coming up,  I just wanted to make a big post of ulzzang spring/summer fashion!

These outfits will be school-appropriate to give you guys some inspiration for school outfits~

Enjoy! I may make another Ulzzang (Spring/Summer) Fashion post soon, so kep checking back and please follow this blog!


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Ulzzang Secrets to staying Slim~

Hey guys, I got a request as to how ulzzangs maintain/get their slim, petite bodies. So here it is!

The key point of an ulzzang’s body is her long, thin legs, and an ulzzang’s outfit and photo angle often are designed to emphasize these legs.

The slim legs of famous ulzzang Song Ah Ri

The slim legs of famous ulzzang Song Ah Ri

Okay, so how do we get the much-wanted ulzzang body? Well first, I’d like to tell you all that a great many ulzzangs have gotten plastic surgeries like liposuction and calf-reduction, so we can’t always say that ulzzangs have worked for their bodies like we will. However, I’m here to tell you today how you can get an ulzzang body naturally.

Ulzzangs get their perfect bodies through a lot of dieting and also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’ll go more into detail below:

1) Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Already, Korean ulzzangs have an advantage on those of us who live in western countries, in terms of having a healthy lifestyle. To start off, the food they eat normally is already ten times healthier than what the normal meal is like in America, where I live. Let’s look a little closer-

korean meal

This is what a typical korean meal looks like- which is really different from the typical western meal. Note that there are A LOT of dishes, but they are all small and are mostly vegetables. In the middle, we have some meat, but it’s a small portion and this looks like the table setting for two or three diners- which means each person eating this meal is getting only a little bit of the meat.

The Korean diet mostly consists of fish when it comes to meat. Fish is known for it’s Omega-3 Fatty Acid, and is really super healthy. A lot better than hamburger meat that we have in America. Most Korean side-dishes are boiled and drained vegetables. Koreans don’t eat many sugary foods, and they use garlic in a lot of their meals, which burns unwanted cholesterol and keeps them healthy. And of course, Koreans have their kimchi, which gives them nutrients from the cabbage, and the spicy-ness revs up their metabolisms.

Let’s look at a normal Western meal?:

american meal

Okay guys, this is legit what came up first when I typed “typical american meal” into the search bar, so don’t think I’m purposely picking this photo or anything. Look at that. Potatoes are a vegetable, yes, but frying them into salty fries mostly takes out all the nutrition in them, and you’re left with just carbohydrates. The hamburger is bread (carb), meat (protein and fat), cheese (calcium), and OH LOOK I see one lettuce leaf. There aren’t many (any) vegetables in this normal American meal, and I think it’s easy to see the difference between Korean cuisine and American.

So that is reason #1 Korean ulzzangs have such thin bodies- they already have the normal daily diet that is healthy and low on fattening things like sugars and carbohydrates, while in western cuisine, carbohydrates basically make up everything.

2) Diets

Of course, ulzzangs also diet- the healthy food choices in Korea mean nothing if you overeat (remember! overeating on anything, including healthy foods, can make you gain weight).

I honestly don’t believe in crash diets like all the kpop diets you hear about. I think that if you want to lose weight FOR GOOD, you have to undergo a lifestyle change. You need to train your body to eat better and you will naturally become slim. However, since some people may still like to hear about kpop diets and such, I will include them in this post, along with my Asian Diet tips.

KPOP diets:

Here are a few kpop diets I’ve heard over the years. If you want to follow them, go ahead.

  • 9MUSES Paper Cup Diet: Basically, each meal is three paper cups full of food. The first cup is fruits and vegetables, the next has brown rice, and the last has korean side dishes. I’ve included a photo below so you can see the size of the cups in relation to their hands.9muses paper cup
  • Park Bom’s Water Diet: This diet can only last two or three days or else it becomes too harmful. Basically, you don’t eat anything AT ALL, and just fill your stomach with water.
  • KARA Nicole’s Veggie Diet: You can only eat tofu, zucchinis, cauliflower, and carrots. To minimize the calories you get from oil, don’t cook the vegetables in oil and instead bake them like Nicole did.
  • IU’s Diet: IU stated on a show that “I eat an apple for breakfast, a small amount of sweet potato and water for lunch, and drink protein shake for dinner.”
  • There are also diets like the Banana Diet and the Watermelon Diet, where basically you only eat those foods for each meal (So basically, a Mono Diet).

My tips for losing weight and staying slim for the rest of your life:

  1. Instead of having 3 big meals a day, have 5 little ones throughout the day. Each little meal should be lower in calories, and since you have more meals, you won’t feel hungry in between and eat a snack.
  2. Drink water or green tea right before your meals. Not only are both these drinks SO good for you, they’ll also fill you up so you won’t eat as much.
  3. Don’t have dinner 2-3 hours before you sleep. If you eat too close to when you sleep, your body won’t have time to digest all the food and when you fall asleep, your metabolism slloooowwws down and stores fat.thumb (1)
  4. Eat slowly. It has been proven that your body sends “I’m full” signals to your brain 20 minutes after you take your first bite, not when you’re actually full. By eating slowly, you’ll consume less calories in the time it takes you to stop feeling hungry.
  5. Only eat when you’re hungry. This seems like a no-brainer, but most people just snack when they like the food or when they feel bored or upset. Listen to your body.
  6. Stop eating when you’re no longer hungry. There is no need to keep stuffing yourself until you can feel the fullness in your stomach, so just stop eating when you no longer feel hungry.
  7. Replace, don’t cut out. A lot of dieters will fall off the boat because they miss a certain food too much (like cake or cookies or ice cream). Instead of cutting out these foods completely, find alternatives. Instead of cake, try a muesli bar and yogurt, and instead of ice cream, blend a frozen banana (this is actually SO good).seo_ji_hye_banana
  8. This is kind of contradictory to #7, but: If you want something, eat it. I didn’t know about this rule when I dieted the first time, and that ruined me because it messed up my self control. This rule means that if you really want something, have it- but only a little. Restricting too much will lead to dieting disaster, so treat yourself every once in a while.
  9. When you are eating/cooking something with lots of oil, use a paper towel to blot off the oil on the surface. This reduces A LOT of calories, because oil is very calorie-dense. For example, blotting the top of your hamburger before eating it can cut a good 50 calories!
  10. Of course, you must also incorporate into your daily routine some 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, 3-4 times a week. It is the tradition that a healthy weight loss program comprises of 80% diet and 20% exercise. I was once told that exercise shouldn’t be considered exercise unless the whole body was undergoing movement, but remember, every step still counts! Even those extra 5 minutes of walking from your car to the grocery store or an evening stroll around a nearby park after dinner.

I hope those ten diet tips will help all of you who are trying to lose weight, and I wish you the best! I have more tips, so if you want them, please comment below like “do another diet post” or something so I know you guys are interested!


Hair accessories

Hi, so this is just a little post about the little hair accessories ulzzangs use to bring attention to their perfectly styled hair. Please enjoy!

1) Hats

Hats aren’t usually a staple for ulzzangs, but when they do wear them, they keep it simple and cute. Beanies are most commonly used, but sometimes ulzzangs like to throw fun hats into the mix as well! Here are some examples:

younghye legsSalmon_cardiganruffle_skirt_and_shirt




2) Bows

These are most commonly seen on ulzzangs, and can be purchased almost at any girl’s beauty store. I like yesstyle‘s selection of hair bows. Here are some ideas as to how to wear bows:



3) Headbands

These are SO OFTEN seen on ulzzangs. Many headbands have different prints on them to make them cute:

Protect yourself from the sun!


4) Ears

These add some fun to ulzzang outfits. If you do wear them, don’t overdo it!:


I hope this post gave you some inspiration with your hair accessories! If you have any requests, please comment them below! ^^


Ulzzang Bodies

Notice: Those of you out there who want to look like an ulzzang, don’t feel pressured to look one specific way. Remember, the following post will detail the beauty standards of South Korea and their ulzzangs, and in no means am I trying to make you change the way you look because you feel you don’t fit their mold. Okay, now enjoy!

First, being slim is very important to South Koreans- and Asians in general. I will start off with a brief cultural explanation before we go into ulzzangs in specific. As someone who constantly travels among countries like Japan, Korea, and China, I find that the mentality towards body shape is far more rigid than it is in America, where I live. People are not afraid to tell each other things like “Oh, you’ve gained weight” because while it may seem like a rude thing to say in other places, it’s not in Asia. In America, we are all pro-you, saying “Every body shape is beautiful” and other things like that, but there is really one body type in Asia that Asians find attractive, which is unfortunate.

I will cut down Asian/ulzzang body standards for you:

1) Weight

Weight is one of the most important aspects of beauty for ulzzangs (my next post will be on all the “beauty requirements” ulzzangs have to fulfill, so stay tuned!). As looking like an ulzzang requires looking youthful, having slim legs and a slim waist is very important. Not only that, being thin allows for ulzzangs to show off their v-shaped jawlines (another staple of ulzzang beauty).

flowery dress and LEGS

To be very honest here, all ulzzangs are underweight. Their BMIs all average out to be around 16.8, which is waaay under the healthy line (which cuts out at 18.5). This does NOT mean they are unhealthy. Asians tend to have thinner bone structures, which means our bones weigh less, and so I would weigh less than a Caucasian who looks the exact same weight as me.

This all goes back to the cultural aspect- in Korea, most people would say anyone above 50 kg (roughly 111 lb) is fat. (If you are over this weight, remember that Asians are also shorter than most Westerners, so don’t feel like this is degrading. And if you are Asian or short and are above this cut, remember it’s just a matter of personal opinion. If you love you’re body, you’re beautiful.) However, while this idea should only apply to petite girls, Korean girls who are very tall (around 170 cm) still try to stay under 50 kg. It’s a little brutal, but that’s unfortunately the beauty standard in Korea.

song ah ri thinspoyounghye legslee_geum_hee_sitting

So yeah, if you want to fit the tradition ulzzang standard of beauty, I would advise being very slim. But if you’re comfortable with how you look right now, rock that body and start a new type of ulzzang! (After all, one of the most popular ulzzangs is Hong Young Gi, who is short and not as thin as other ulzzangs) ^^

2) Height

Honestly, height does not matter too much for an ulzzang- it’s all in how they play with their height to their advantage. For example, you have Hong Young Gi who is 146 cm (about 4 ft 9 inches) on one end and Choi Sooyoung who is 170 cm (5 ft 7 inches) on the other. Height isn’t that important, but an ulzzang’s body proportions based on her height is. An important point of attraction (besides the face, of course) is an ulzzang’s legs, and more often than not, they are long and slim.

legs j

song ah ri legs

3) S-line

I won’t go much into detail with this, but in Korea, and s-line is essentially the “s” shape a girl’s body makes with her boobs and butt. I’ll insert a picture below, but (sorry) I don’t have much I can say about this beauty idea.

See how the girl's body makes an S shape? Korean ulzzangs sometimes purposely pose in ways that bring out their s-line.

See how the girl’s body makes an S shape? Korean ulzzangs sometimes purposely pose in ways that bring out their s-line.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post- I haven’t been on in a long time, and I hope I can start posting more. Next, I think I’ll be doing a post on ulzzang beauty “requirements” that they have to fulfill to be considered an ulzzang. If you would like me to post about losing weight, please comment, or else I won’t.

Remember, this is just the Korean standard of beauty and you can feel any way you want to about your body. You are beautiful, even if you don’t meet these crazy standards, and don’t forget that!


Ulzzang Skin Care

This post is just for general skin care!

Skin is very important when it comes to ulzzangs~ one of their staples is milky white skin that’s free of blemishes! In order to get skin like this, you need to establish a proper skin care routine:

Cleanser>Toner>Serum>Emulsion>Moisturizer (with high SPF)>BB cream or CC cream

Cleanser: Wash face twice a day, massaging it for 2 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

Toner: Cold water can work as a toner. Toners tighten the pores, and are very useful.

Serum: Makes the skin youthful and healthy, and are good to use even if you aren’t getting wrinkles yet.

Emulsion/Moisturizer: Hopefully with high SPF.

BB cream/CC cream: Containing high SPF. Best Korean brands include Etude House, Skin Food, The Face Shop, Skin79, Misha

Every day, and every night, you have to go through this routine, to keep your skin bright and clean.

Look at Park Hyo Jin's white skin~ you want that too, right?

Look at Park Hyo Jin’s white skin~ you want that too, right?

Also, ulzzangs have very white skin (it’s a beauty trend in Asia), so in order to get skin like that, you MUST wear sunscreen. Make sure to buy sunscreen that is for your skin type, with a high SPF. Also, UV protection umbrellas, hats, and gloves are very useful.

Staying pale is not only an ulzzang-must, it’s also good for your skin~ avoiding the sun will decrease your chances for skin cancer! So stay in the shade as much as possible, and protect your skin!

Wear hats to protect yourself!

Wear hats to protect yourself!

Protect yourself from the sun!

Protect yourself from the sun!


Ulzzang Fashion Post #1

Formal_sailor Green_sweater_with_white_scarf

Hi! Okay, so today I’m going to enlighten you all on the workings of ulzzang fashion! ~O~

Ulzzangs tend to follow the FOB style. FOB stands for “Fresh off the Boat” and it’s basically a lot of layers and oversized sweaters. Ulzzangs also like to wear light colors and pastels, but here’s a tip: if you don’t have milky white skin like most ulzzangs do, wear darker colors (but still dress nicely) because it’ll make your skin look paler in contrast.

Here are some pictures to give you some ideas:

Layered_sweater_and_button_up Playsuit Polka_dots Red_winter_knit ruffle_skirt_and_shirt Warm_layered_clothingGreen_jacket_and_skirt High_waisted_shorts Yellow_shortshoodieCardigan_plaidcutoff_overallsKnit_teal_sweaterpurple_polka_dotted_bowRed_skirtSalmon_cardiganVest_cat_earsKnitted_vest

p.s.~ if you guys check out and search for “kfashion” a lot more will come up!

Good luck and have fun with your wardrobe! ^O^


p.s. I’m so sorry for not updating for around a month! I’ve been so busyy OTL I promise to update more often! Next up is a specific type of fashion (aka- formal wear, swimsuits, school clothes, sleepwear, etc.) so comment what you want me to cover next! If I get no requests, I’m probably going to go with school outfits. bibi! ^O^

Ulzzang Hairstyle Post #1

Hello! Here is an overview of ulzzangs and their frequently used hairstyles! I’ve included pictures to give you some inspiration! X3

#1- Straight hair

Ulzzangs tend to style their hair both straight and curly. Usually when they have straight hair, they also have bangs, but not always.


#2- Curly Hair

This style seems to be slightly more popular as humans want what they can’t have and most Asians are born with straight hair. Sometimes I really wish I had beautiful curly hair, but people who are graced with hair like that always say it is hard to handle. omo


Just a note: ulzzangs tend to leave their hair down and just keep it curly or straight, but they also use the styles below.

#3- The Ponytail

While this seems like such a generic style, ulzzangs do a lot with it.

Sometimes it’s just a normal ponytail:

ponytail ponytail2Song_ah_ri_tomboySong_ah_ri_coffee_shop

But other times ulzzangs tie ponytails that come from different sections of hair:


#4- The Bun

These have recently gotten really popular in America, and Korea is ahead- with buns built out of interesting sections of hair ^o^:

Bun bun2 bun3 bun4 <<seeeeebun5randombun

#5- Braids

Braids are cute and many ulzzangs wear them with bangs. Usually ulzzangs make two braids, so that the hair nicely frames the face instead of just leaving it without a border (does that make sense?). Ulzzangs tend to like having hair to frame their face- it makes their faces look smaller- so many of them have bangs or leave their hair down. Rarely do you see an ulzzang who has a bun and no bangs.

Braids Braids2 braids3Pony_braided_bangsLee_Geum_Hee_red_braidsSong_ah_ri_glasses

#6- Pigtails

Pigtails are also really popular with ulzzangs. Whether they be curly or straight, pigtails are a must-have.

Lee_Geum_Hee_pigtailspigtails pigtails2 Pigtails3 pigtails4 pigtails5 pigtails6

Thanks for reading, guys! I’ll post more on ulzzang hair accessories (hats, hair pins) soon!

If there is an ulzzang topic you want me to cover, feel free to request it in the comments below!