Ulzzang Fashion Post #1

Formal_sailor Green_sweater_with_white_scarf

Hi! Okay, so today I’m going to enlighten you all on the workings of ulzzang fashion! ~O~

Ulzzangs tend to follow the FOB style. FOB stands for “Fresh off the Boat” and it’s basically a lot of layers and oversized sweaters. Ulzzangs also like to wear light colors and pastels, but here’s a tip: if you don’t have milky white skin like most ulzzangs do, wear darker colors (but still dress nicely) because it’ll make your skin look paler in contrast.

Here are some pictures to give you some ideas:

Layered_sweater_and_button_up Playsuit Polka_dots Red_winter_knit ruffle_skirt_and_shirt Warm_layered_clothingGreen_jacket_and_skirt High_waisted_shorts Yellow_shortshoodieCardigan_plaidcutoff_overallsKnit_teal_sweaterpurple_polka_dotted_bowRed_skirtSalmon_cardiganVest_cat_earsKnitted_vest

p.s.~ if you guys check out asianfanfics.com and search for “kfashion” a lot more will come up!

Good luck and have fun with your wardrobe! ^O^


p.s. I’m so sorry for not updating for around a month! I’ve been so busyy OTL I promise to update more often! Next up is a specific type of fashion (aka- formal wear, swimsuits, school clothes, sleepwear, etc.) so comment what you want me to cover next! If I get no requests, I’m probably going to go with school outfits. bibi! ^O^


One thought on “Ulzzang Fashion Post #1

  1. I luv sweaters and ulzzang clothing but sadly where I live in it super hot. It hot all year round and the only time when its cold is during November , December and January and a little bit of February. The hottest it get in summer is like 95 degrees. Yeah hot right ! And I can’t were shirts to school witch really suck.

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