Ulzzang Bodies

Notice: Those of you out there who want to look like an ulzzang, don’t feel pressured to look one specific way. Remember, the following post will detail the beauty standards of South Korea and their ulzzangs, and in no means am I trying to make you change the way you look because you feel you don’t fit their mold. Okay, now enjoy!

First, being slim is very important to South Koreans- and Asians in general. I will start off with a brief cultural explanation before we go into ulzzangs in specific. As someone who constantly travels among countries like Japan, Korea, and China, I find that the mentality towards body shape is far more rigid than it is in America, where I live. People are not afraid to tell each other things like “Oh, you’ve gained weight” because while it may seem like a rude thing to say in other places, it’s not in Asia. In America, we are all pro-you, saying “Every body shape is beautiful” and other things like that, but there is really one body type in Asia that Asians find attractive, which is unfortunate.

I will cut down Asian/ulzzang body standards for you:

1) Weight

Weight is one of the most important aspects of beauty for ulzzangs (my next post will be on all the “beauty requirements” ulzzangs have to fulfill, so stay tuned!). As looking like an ulzzang requires looking youthful, having slim legs and a slim waist is very important. Not only that, being thin allows for ulzzangs to show off their v-shaped jawlines (another staple of ulzzang beauty).

flowery dress and LEGS

To be very honest here, all ulzzangs are underweight. Their BMIs all average out to be around 16.8, which is waaay under the healthy line (which cuts out at 18.5). This does NOT mean they are unhealthy. Asians tend to have thinner bone structures, which means our bones weigh less, and so I would weigh less than a Caucasian who looks the exact same weight as me.

This all goes back to the cultural aspect- in Korea, most people would say anyone above 50 kg (roughly 111 lb) is fat. (If you are over this weight, remember that Asians are also shorter than most Westerners, so don’t feel like this is degrading. And if you are Asian or short and are above this cut, remember it’s just a matter of personal opinion. If you love you’re body, you’re beautiful.) However, while this idea should only apply to petite girls, Korean girls who are very tall (around 170 cm) still try to stay under 50 kg. It’s a little brutal, but that’s unfortunately the beauty standard in Korea.

song ah ri thinspoyounghye legslee_geum_hee_sitting

So yeah, if you want to fit the tradition ulzzang standard of beauty, I would advise being very slim. But if you’re comfortable with how you look right now, rock that body and start a new type of ulzzang! (After all, one of the most popular ulzzangs is Hong Young Gi, who is short and not as thin as other ulzzangs) ^^

2) Height

Honestly, height does not matter too much for an ulzzang- it’s all in how they play with their height to their advantage. For example, you have Hong Young Gi who is 146 cm (about 4 ft 9 inches) on one end and Choi Sooyoung who is 170 cm (5 ft 7 inches) on the other. Height isn’t that important, but an ulzzang’s body proportions based on her height is. An important point of attraction (besides the face, of course) is an ulzzang’s legs, and more often than not, they are long and slim.

legs j

song ah ri legs

3) S-line

I won’t go much into detail with this, but in Korea, and s-line is essentially the “s” shape a girl’s body makes with her boobs and butt. I’ll insert a picture below, but (sorry) I don’t have much I can say about this beauty idea.

See how the girl's body makes an S shape? Korean ulzzangs sometimes purposely pose in ways that bring out their s-line.

See how the girl’s body makes an S shape? Korean ulzzangs sometimes purposely pose in ways that bring out their s-line.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post- I haven’t been on in a long time, and I hope I can start posting more. Next, I think I’ll be doing a post on ulzzang beauty “requirements” that they have to fulfill to be considered an ulzzang. If you would like me to post about losing weight, please comment, or else I won’t.

Remember, this is just the Korean standard of beauty and you can feel any way you want to about your body. You are beautiful, even if you don’t meet these crazy standards, and don’t forget that!



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