Hair accessories

Hi, so this is just a little post about the little hair accessories ulzzangs use to bring attention to their perfectly styled hair. Please enjoy!

1) Hats

Hats aren’t usually a staple for ulzzangs, but when they do wear them, they keep it simple and cute. Beanies are most commonly used, but sometimes ulzzangs like to throw fun hats into the mix as well! Here are some examples:

younghye legsSalmon_cardiganruffle_skirt_and_shirt




2) Bows

These are most commonly seen on ulzzangs, and can be purchased almost at any girl’s beauty store. I like yesstyle‘s selection of hair bows. Here are some ideas as to how to wear bows:



3) Headbands

These are SO OFTEN seen on ulzzangs. Many headbands have different prints on them to make them cute:

Protect yourself from the sun!


4) Ears

These add some fun to ulzzang outfits. If you do wear them, don’t overdo it!:


I hope this post gave you some inspiration with your hair accessories! If you have any requests, please comment them below! ^^



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