Ulzzang Fashion Post #2

Hello! As spring and summer are coming up,  I just wanted to make a big post of ulzzang spring/summer fashion!

These outfits will be school-appropriate to give you guys some inspiration for school outfits~

Enjoy! I may make another Ulzzang (Spring/Summer) Fashion post soon, so kep checking back and please follow this blog!


(Also, another little note: I love comments! Please comment a lot if you see anything that interests you, because a lot of people come to this blog- THANK YOU, BTDUBS- but nobody leaves me comments! I love you all; please love me too. :D)


2 thoughts on “Ulzzang Fashion Post #2

  1. Hello ^•^ im Asian and I live in the U.S. And it’s sooooooo hard to find stores that sell Asian/ulzzang styl clothing. And a luv ur ulzzang tips and articles I have lots of fun reading the things u post. I would help if u could recommend some stores in the U.S. That sells ulzzang style clothing or some things similar. Thanks a lot and fighting (≧∇≦)

    • When I’m looking for kfashion, I tend to shop online (I like Mixxmix, Stylenanda, Chuu. Also, not as good quality bc its a wider scope, Yesstyle is good). If I’m shopping in real life, Forever21 has such a wide range of styles that you’re sure to find something there. Also, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel are pretty good for finding kfashion. Sorry this reply is sossoosososo late- I hope I still helped!!

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