Ulzzang Beauty ‘Requirements’

Ulzzangs in korea generally have a very specific ‘mold’ they have to conform to in order to be the perfect ulzzang. If you want to be like one, you should strive to have these physical traits- but if you don’t have them, don’t beat yourself down; you can be the unique ulzzang!

Here’s a general list of physical traits ulzzangs are expected to have:

1) V-shaped face

In Korea, there is an ideal face-shape, which is something that western cultures really don’t have. In western cultures, we look at celebrities like “oh she looks good with a heart shaped face” and “he has a square jaw” and it seems so normal to have different jawlines. However, in Korea, everyone strives to have a v-shaped face. Here are some pictures:




2) Milky skin

Another staple of ulzzangs is their clear, white skin. Koreans (and all asians in general) find pale skin very appealing and so since ulzzangs are kind of their definition of beauty, they must have paler skin.


Look at Park Hyo Jin's white skin~ you want that too, right?

Look at Park Hyo Jin’s white skin~ you want that too, right?


3) Slim bodies

This is a big deal in Asia. Asians aren’t afraid to tell you “you look like you’ve gained weight” or anything like that because weight is something that is scrutinized very much in Korea and other Asian countries. Ulzzangs are the epitome of skinny, and they are idolized by many for their small, slim bodies.

pretty braids and legs

The slim legs of famous ulzzang Song Ah Ri

The slim legs of famous ulzzang Song Ah Ri

4) Doll Face

The entire ulzzang aesthetic is basically them looking like grown up dolls. As a result, their faces need to be cute like a toddler’s. This includes: big eyes with double eyelids, small noses with high bridges, and small mouths. Here are some examples:


5) Straight eyebrows

Eyebrows are not something people often look at when they see a person, but they really make a big difference. Koreans love the straight-style eyebrow because it makes them look more innocent and cute. Take a look at the below pictures and focus on the eyebrows- can you tell that they play a BIG role in making ulzzangs look cute? Even in the above pictures meant to show other physical traits, you can tell that the eyebrows make ulzzangs look younger and more innocent.

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