Real Talk: Plastic Surgery in Korea

This post is on this website because it is a well-known fact that ulzzangs often undergo a great number of surgeries to look as camera-ready as they are. Sorry to break the perfect illusion, but it’s unfortunately true. Where I live, America, the idea of undergoing plastic surgery is looked down upon, but in South Korea, it’s not. And here’s why:

To South Koreans, it’s a natural part of life. A Korean hearing “I’m getting double eyelid surgery tomorrow” is very much like and American hearing “I’m getting my eyebrows threaded tomorrow.” It’s not done by everyone, but it’s not strange. In Korea, plastic surgery is not called ‘plastic’ and instead translates to something along the lines of ‘reforming surgery,’ which brings a much better connotation. It’s more of a caterpillar -> butterfly feeling. In English, though, ‘plastic’ gives off a synthetic/evil/fake feeling.

Plastic surgery is much more common in Korea than it is in Western countries. Clinics and ads are everywhere, and parents will often reward their son/daughter with surgery. “You aced that important exam? Here’s some double eyelid surgery!” “If you win that competition, you can get your jaw shaved!” It’s sounds crazy, but this stuff happens.

Of course, plastic surgery is often more than just a means to become more attractive- people with medical conditions may need certain surgeries that will change their appearances, for example. However, plastic surgery purely meant for beauty enhancement is something that is readily accepted in Korea.

That’s your little tidbit today, readers! Comment below on how you feel about plastic surgery! And always, thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “Real Talk: Plastic Surgery in Korea

  1. I heard also that being pretty in Korea is very important to one’s livelihood. This is really sad but also sheds way more light on why so many Korean people get surgery so readily. For example, most people don’t want to hire a plain person (particularly women). And if there are two people up for the same job and one is obviously prettier than the other, they will be the one to get hired. If someone is particularly plain looking they may have a huge difficulty getting a good job and being able to support themselves and their family. :/ So they don’t know what else to but get surgery. ;(

    • I agree with you completely! I think another reason for all this plastic surgery is because the definition of beauty in Korea is so, so narrow and kind of unattainable. I hope that Korea will progress to have more open minds soon.

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