Real Talk: Why we idolize the pretty face & why we need to love ourselves

I don’t know about other people, but I certainly spend a good portion of my life on the internet, looking at pretty people. This doesn’t just apply to ulzzangs, but also to all the people in the Korean entertainment industry. Actors and idols alike, we worship them to no end for their talent and beauty.

We often wind up making ourselves feeling inadequate & unattractive when we see the near-perfection beings that are our idols and ulzzangs. After all, who wouldn’t want to look like that? The perfect hair, skin, facial features, legs, waists, et cetera.

Now, I want to tell each and every single one of you reading this that you are wonderful. You shine like no other and you are beautiful. No matter if you fit generic beauty standards or not.

We are SO often brainwashed by the media, being told “oh this is attractive and this is not.” But if we listen to these rules that they throw at us, we will never be happy with who we are because those expectations are impossible to reach.

“But what about ulzzangs, idols, and actors? How can they be so perfect?” Guys, all ulzzangs use photoshop and other editing tools on their pictures, and they’re so pro at it, the photos look real. Have you watched Ulzzang Shidae? It’s so illuminating. And the idols and actors? SO much makeup and professional styling. I bet if I had those hair and makeup artists working for me, I’d look as flawless too!

And not to mention that ulzzangs, idols, and actors nearly always have plastic surgery. Think about it- if plastic surgery is so normal to the normal Korean citizen, it is probably crazy-rampant in the entertainment agency.

So this post is a plea, guys. I want all of you to realize that most of what we see online is highly altered, and that we can’t judge ourselves on the same level that we judge these absurdly attractive beings. They’re part-human, part-pixels, so don’t beat yourself up for not having what they do. I want you all to step away from the screen, breathe, realize that you’re beautiful too.

Thanks for reading!



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