About Me

My name is Quinn, and I love kfashion. I started this blog because I think ulzzangs are really pretty and I’m using them as motivation to get prettier myself ^^ I  guess I kind of look up to them in terms of beauty.

I know that many of these girls have undergone plastic surgery and rigorous diets and makeup routines, but I think that a girl’s beauty is in how much effort she puts into being presentable. I used to look up to characters in novels who didn’t care at all for their physical appearance and happened to be drop-dead gorgeous — I thought that real beauty came when you acted like you didn’t care about it for now. I’ve definitely grown from that mindset, and I really do believe now that the beauty is in the effort. So I’m using ulzzangs as girls to look up to beauty-wise. I’m going to strive to be beautiful!

If you also use ulzzangs as beauty-inspiration, please follow this blog. I’ll try to post more regularly!

Thanks for reading this! Enjoy the blog!


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