Kim Shin Yeong

Name: Kim Shin Yeong

D.O.B.: September 27, 1986

Weight: 46.5 kg (103 lb)

Height: 163 cm (5 ft 4 inches)

BMI: 17.5 (Underweight/Anorexic)

Occupation: Model for Gabalnara and Cherry Spoon

Extra Info: She is Christian. She knows Korean, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, English, and is learning Spanish


Kim_shin_yeong_glasses kim_shin_yeong_restaurantKim_shin_yeong_black_and_white Kim_shin_yeong_black_and_white2 Kim_shin_yeong_music Kim_shin_yeong_polar_bear Kim_shin_yeong_supermanKim_shin_yeong_bike Kim_shin_yeong_flower Kim_shin_yeong_restaurant_breeze

This is an ongoing project, so I’m always adding more!



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