Lee Geum Hee

Lee Geum Hee was the second ulzzang I actually learned the name of (lol). I first saw her as one of the banners of a fanfic I was reading on asianfanfics.com. Later, when I got into ulzzangs and stuff, I recognized the face (her hair changes so much (≧▽≦)) and asked around until I found out her name. Like other people, I had slight confusion when “Jung Seo Yeoung” came up too. But I’m here to clear it all up for anyone who’s confused:

Name: Lee Geum Hee

Real Name: Jung Seo Yeoung

D.O.B.: October 12, 1993

Weight: 42 kg (93 lb)

Height: 160 cm (5 ft 3 in)

BMI: 16.4 (Underweight/Anorexic)

Occupation: Model for Gabalnara and Michyeora

Nickname: Dummy Ulzzang

Extra Info: It is rumored that she is actually bald because she models for Gabalnara, which is a specialty wig shop. Don’t know if it’s true, though.


Lee_Geum_Hee_blond_curly Lee_Geum_Hee_blonde_hair I love her blond hair.Lee_Geum_Hee_blonde_hair2 Lee_Geum_Hee_blonde_hair3 Lee_Geum_Hee_braids Lee_Geum_Hee_brown_hair Lee_Geum_Hee_brown_hair2 Lee_Geum_Hee_bunny_ears Lee_Geum_Hee_cute Lee_Geum_Hee_dark_blond Lee_Geum_Hee_eyes Lee_Geum_Hee_leaves Lee_Geum_Hee_red_braids Lee_Geum_Hee_red_hair Lee_Geum_Hee_side_ponytailLee_Geum_Hee_caramelLee_Geum_Hee_pigtailsLee_Geum_Hee_brown_curly

This is an ongoing project, so I’m always adding more!



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