Song Ah Ri

Song Ah Ri was the first ulzzang I ever learned the name of. It was when I first started looking at ulzzangs and didn’t know what the heck I was doing ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ. So anyway, I was just there, scrolling through pictures of attractive asians, trying to match up faces to the people in other pictures, when I saw Song Ah Ri. I’m not saying that all ulzzang’s faces look like each others, I’m just saying that I thought that Song Ah Ri’s face was one that was especially distictive. Most of the other ulzzang’s faces kind of blur together into a kind of ‘ulzzang ideal’ but Song Ah Ri’s was different. Still beautiful. But different. Anyway, so I went all stalker-y and learned more about Song Ah Ri.

Name: Song Ah Ri

D.O.B.: March 9th, 1987

Weight: 43 kg (95 lb)

Height: 162 cm (5 ft 4 in)

BMI: 16.4 (Underweight/Anorexic)

Occupation: Model for Hosishop

Nickname: —-

Extra Info: She has three tattoos: One on her shoulder, one on each wrist. The one on her back says “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul” and the ones on her wrist are of her date of birth and a star. Also, she comes from a very wealthy family, so she is spoiled (two cars that haven’t been used and a little motorcycle), but she never got attention. Her mother always raised her to believe to “get away from a good thing before it can hurt” her (her mom was probably referring to her own marriage with Song Ah Ri’s dad), so that is why Song Ah Ri tends to dump every boyfriend she gets before he can get too deep into her heart and break it. Her father forces her to be perfect by making her get eyelid surgery and setting up her strict diet- which she hated at first because she loves (or loved) food. She has her own charity project.


Song_ah_ri_danceSong_ah_ri_tomboySong_ah_ri_catbrown_straightSong_ah_ri_car Song_ah_ri_hawaii

Song_ah_ri_cute Song_ah_ri_glassesSong_ah_ri_coffee_shop Song_ah_ri_cute2 Song_ah_ri_tomboy2 Song_ah_ri_trench_coat

This is an ongoing project, so I’m always adding more!



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